About Us

Global overproduction of merchandise has touched all aspects of our lives. Excessive stockpiles of clothes have forced us staring at the content of our wardrobes unexpectedly surprised, lost and puzzled. We all share the same problem. The closet is full of garments, but when it comes to combining the outfits, it does not seem to work. So many beautiful pieces, unique accessories, some of the amazing classics just hang in the room and do not get involved in its owners’ spotlight.

We have found a unique technological solution, VERRYYOU.

Our Story

Five enthusiasts from different fields:

  • Style and Fashion
  • Data Science and AI
  • E-commerce
  • Business

joined together to create a unique technology that would help an individual find his own style with the help of AI, a cutting-edge software that lacks human bias.

A software that is taught how to thoroughly analyse a woman's appearance, her unique features, her body type, her height, her hair length and the colour and propose the most suited pieces that will highlight her beauty and individuality. A technology that gives highly personalised fashion advice.


Imagine you go to your favourite online platform, but instead of scrolling through thousands of pieces, you get a customised selection that fits your character, your appearance, your figure, and most importantly your vibe!

We want to improve people’s lives by giving them a tool that will make garment selection joyful and fun. We also aim to optimize their time and costs. And we hope that our technology will make a valuable input in the sustainable fashion movement.