Here is VERRYYOU, a unique AI fashion service.

Look your best, save your time and make shopping a lot easier with VERRYYOU.

We will help you to find your style based on your individual face and body features only by using 2 of your photos.

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  • You send us 2 photos: one portrait & one full body length and our AI machine analyses your features
  • Then you will receive your personalized head-to-toe STYLEBOOK — it will describe all your beneficial lines, structures, silhouettes and patterns just for you
  • Additionally, you will have extra perks there, as: "FIND YOUR LOOK", "YOUR PRIVATE BOUTIQUE" and go through personalised "NEWS CHANNEL"
  • If you think we’ve done well and earned your trust — we are glad to invite you to the journey with VERRYYOU to create your personal wardrobe.

You are special

Our AI technology is authentic

Together we build your unique wardrobe

Together we build your confidence

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Testimonials 1

My transformation journey started two years ago, when I met Angela Lisitsa, one of the co-creators of VERRYYOU.
I wanted to change my style. But I was always afraid to do so.
While I have always trusted her taste, her artistic talent and her eye for style, the language of an artist was not effective on my practical, rational self.
VERRYYOU was the voice that persuaded me to take action – machine language, the language of AI. The technology is perfect and I have experienced it on myself.
People like me seek to have every statement backed up by an argument (this is a lawyer in me speaking). To show something and call it beautiful is persuasive (because an artist says so) but leaves questions why exactly this way, why not a bit darker, longer, straighter or whatever it is. And this is where a machine makes it conclusive, “beautiful beyond any reasonable doubt”.
VERRYYOU persuaded me to cut my hair, - a huge step for me, changed my office wardrobe from a collection of boring suits to powerful statement outfits, changed my make up routine.
But more importantly, it changed the way I think about style. From occasionally flicking through fashion magazines at my hairdresser and thinking of style as an industry that I’m far removed from, I grew to appreciate that style is an effective tool for the corporate world. I have learned that I can use my style to manipulate perceptions, to influence outcomes of negotiations, to impact decision making.
The power I feel when I look in the mirror is exhilarating.
I thank the talented creators of VERRYYOU and wish their venture success. show more

Testimonials 2

Every girl wants to be a Cinderella. But not everyone knows you don’t need a Fairy Godmother to get the magic transformation. You just need the right tool!
Like many others I used to have a large wardrobe and an every day question - what to wear? My situation was complicated. I drive a motorbike, but I have to be dressed right for an office work and also be romantic on dates…. All this lead me to a really big amount of clothes which didn’t match each other. I used to feel uncomfortable when I had to be dressed by some pattern, like a suit in the office, I felt that this is not my reflection, not my character.
When I tried VERRYYOU, it has not only helped me change my style, it changed the way I think and feel. These new recommendations were on point and suited me perfectly.
I also got rid of 70 % of my wardrobe, I mixed the remaining clothes in the way I couldn’t imagine and most importantly, all my new outfits started finally fitting my character! Now I have my own unique style and no fear about it! show more